Sunday, January 30, 2011

Hitler Finds Out Gulen Charter Schools

While surfing on the internet about the so-called Gulen charters, I just jumped into this interesting and funny as well video. I think you will alos enjoy it.
Gulen charter schools, huh? It is so funny.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Tell Me More About This Gulen and Charter Schools

As I mentioned before, I am seeing some blogs around talking about Fethullah Gulen and the charter schools allegedly related to him and the movement gathered around his philosophy and ideas. Some discuss it in a  manner that deserves appreciation, whereas some others do not recognize any moral etiquette in attacking these schools and Mr. Gulen. Someone should remind them that even in wars of ancient times, there are some rules to consider. But the latter does not hesitate to employee even profanity in his/her writings. Should I take this as an indicator of his/her personality? It seems that I will.

In the mean time, I just came across some personal emails of Concept Schools' employees in one of these web pages. Are they real, or someone wrote them down on a word document and then transformed into PDF docs, so that they could be seen as original. How can we trust the publisher because it is well known her inclination to chicanery. I am torn. Someone tell me more on this.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Gulen Charter Lovers!

Let's continue our discussion on the charter schools allegedly affiliated with Fethullah Gulen and the Gulen Movement. Some guys, in this case, came up with some crazzy ideas on the topic. For instance, Paul Williams asserts that Gulen Movement is nothing than a CIA front in Turkey and the Central Asia. Isn't it funny? People will laugh at it like hell. But, wait. There is even more crazy ones like Sibel Edmonds, an ex FBI agent. If she was a trustful person, she would be continue serving for the FBI. But apparently she is not. Now, should we take her seriously? She says that Gulen opens madrasas in the US. She means Gulen charter schools! by madrasas. Everybody not only in Turkey, but in all over the world knows that Gulen supports modern or Western style education. Then, why is she calling those charter schools as madrasas. Interesting. Finally, Mary who is still benefiting from Gulen charter schools. She used to work for them once. Now, even though she is not an employee in any of these charters allegedly linked to Gulen, she is still making money via them. Are you wondering how? She is hired to attack those schools by labeling them as Gulen charter schools. The more she attacks, the more she gets bonuses. By the way, we learned that she is a person of love. She loves Turkish teachers as much as she loves green dollars. Her heart is restless for loving people! Read the rest of the story from

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Gulen Charter Schools or Gulen-Inspired Schools?

Well, here is the question. How should we call those schools; Gulen charter schools, or Gulen inspired schools? Which one is your favorite?

Another way of calling them is to simply use the original name of each charter schools, e.g. Horizon Science Academy managing by Concept Schools. This seems to be the most apropriate way of callling them.

Nonetheless, those gooses who relentlessly attack, for instance, Concept managed schools call them Gulen charter schools as if there was such an umbrella name of charter schools. Food for thought; call always people and institutions with their roper names.

Who is this Gulen, by the way? Anybody heard of him? Okay, if you do not know about him, let me just say this. He is a Turkish Muslim schoolar who lives in a kind of self exile in the Pocono Mountins. All of his speeaches and works are public so that those who want to get some inspiration can benefit from his universal as well as Islamic thoughts.

Let's go back to our main discussion; Gulen charter schools, or Gulen inspired schools? Well, for me it is more accurate to just call them with their propper names. That is why I always do. If you guys have a better idea, you are more welcome to say it. Here is my final thought, they are not Gulen charter schools, but THEY ARE