Thursday, January 20, 2011

Gulen Charter Lovers!

Let's continue our discussion on the charter schools allegedly affiliated with Fethullah Gulen and the Gulen Movement. Some guys, in this case, came up with some crazzy ideas on the topic. For instance, Paul Williams asserts that Gulen Movement is nothing than a CIA front in Turkey and the Central Asia. Isn't it funny? People will laugh at it like hell. But, wait. There is even more crazy ones like Sibel Edmonds, an ex FBI agent. If she was a trustful person, she would be continue serving for the FBI. But apparently she is not. Now, should we take her seriously? She says that Gulen opens madrasas in the US. She means Gulen charter schools! by madrasas. Everybody not only in Turkey, but in all over the world knows that Gulen supports modern or Western style education. Then, why is she calling those charter schools as madrasas. Interesting. Finally, Mary who is still benefiting from Gulen charter schools. She used to work for them once. Now, even though she is not an employee in any of these charters allegedly linked to Gulen, she is still making money via them. Are you wondering how? She is hired to attack those schools by labeling them as Gulen charter schools. The more she attacks, the more she gets bonuses. By the way, we learned that she is a person of love. She loves Turkish teachers as much as she loves green dollars. Her heart is restless for loving people! Read the rest of the story from


  1. This is a parent comment originally posted website below.


    Let me see if I understand this issue. Parents (and other teachers)are upset that their child's school is recruiting the best possible (maybe foreign?) teachers in math and science? And that this public school system holds the child AND parent accountable for educational excellence? And previous posters indicate that the Concept Schools are part of a "nefarious" Islamist plot to take over the educational system in the world, much like the Christian coalition that is trying to instill "christian" values in public school systems?
    I am confused.
    I have two children in the Concept System (not in Columbus), and have yet to see a prayer rug in any office or classroom, nor has any interaction with any administrator or educator even been tinged with the hint of religiousness. I am a practicing Catholic, and certainly do not expect the local public school to religiously educate my children in ANY faith....that is MY job! I do expect them to wisely use taxpayer dollars to provide the best educational opportunity for my children. If it means hiring a math teacher from the Ukraine or Turkey, so be it. Attend a local college and see how many science professors are foreign born......
    We have a choice in the United states. If we want a religious oriented education for our children, we send them to a church affiliated school. If we prefer to educate our childrens religious orientation ourselves, we send them to public schools. By making that choice, we do not expect the public schools to do that.
    Regarding the Gulen movement, it is a philosophy based upon doing good works, and providing educational opportunities. The fact that it was started by a Muslim cleric should pose no more threat than the Christian, atheist, or agnostic movements around the world that espouse education. The movement is a philosphy, and is NOT headed by a cleric, as there is NO head of the Gulen movement.
    I made the decision to send my children to a Concept school after they attended a National Heritage Academy Charter school, which was begun by a very christian oriented individual. National Heritage did not teach religion, despite its founder (and owner), and Concept Schools do not teach religion, despite SOME of it's prinicple staff follow a Gulen philosophy of doing good works.
    Before condeming a school and it's philosophy blindly, do more than a cursory search of potentially inflammatory and biased websites.

  2. I have been hearing rumors about Turkish schools trying to promote a hidden agenda. Being curious and wanting to be well informed I decided to do some research. I came across several articles which were surprising to me. I found it hard to believe what I was reading and wanted to share with you my thoughts on a couple of these articles posted by the American Thinker and Act for America. If you would like to read the articles you may click on the title below to read each in its entirety. While you read please keep in mind that they are very misinformed. I am curious as to whether or not the authors have ever visited or really looked into the schools or the people they are bashing.

    Islamist Gülen Movement Runs U.S. Charter Schools By Stephen Schwartz

    Fethullah Gulen: Infiltrating the U.S. Through Our Charter Schools? by Guy Rodgers

    As I read the articles on the internet my mouth dropped in amazement. It was hard to believe the lengths people will go to to criticize and try to disenchant people with another group just because they are different. Hate is everywhere bred by ignorance. I have children who attend Horizon Science Academy Columbus, one of the schools they are talking about being described as a Gulan run school which some claim to be receiving government funding, without a state-approved curriculum, and teaching Islam while trying to promote Gulan ideas.

    Lets take a look at this.

    First, who is Fethulla Gulan? Since I don't know him personally and really had never heard of him I did a Google search to find out more about the man. He is described as a forward thinker, a man of peace who has met with the Pope and other Jewish leaders all in an attemt to promote peace and interfaith dialogue. That really doesn't sound so bad. If you would like to know more about him visit his website by clicking here.

    Second, in rebuttal to the claim as to whether the schools receive government funding, without a state-approved curriculum. The schools they are talking about are some of the best schools in out nation. My children are doing very well there scoring well on state test when they are given them. Would they be able to do that if they were not being taught? By the time they reach high school the requirements for graduation are even higher than those required by the state. Perhaps that is why many of these schools have bright students ready for college and the ability to do well in their adult life. I wonder if these naysayers have ever visited any of the schools they badmouth? Their school also strives to provide them opportunity on a tight budget giving them availability to play sports and belong to the typical clubs any other school offers. They receive approximately 2/3 the funding per child that the city school receives.

    Third, I have never, not one time seen the schools my children attend teaching Islam or promoting Gulan ideas. Each of their schools are very culturally diverse which I love. They promote self respect and respect of others. The children are given expectations to do their work, be prompt, respect others and to do well. As a parent I don't really mind those expectations.

    I love the school my children attend. They provide a safe environment full of qualified teacher ready to help my child succeed. Keep that in mind as you read the article below that tries to tell you the schools are not good for America. How can preparing students to do well be bad? What is bad for America is groups promoting hate based on warped views without merit, cultural and religious differences or hidden agendas of their own.


Please let me know what you think about Mr. Gulen and the schools labelled as Gulen charters.