Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Are The Attackers of Gulen and the Charter Schools Connected to Ergenekon?

Come on in, we are discussing charter schools

I just came across a blog saying that the attackers of Mr Gulen in the US are somewhat connected to the Ergenekon group in Turkey. Is that true? Ergenekon trial is still going on. But it is obvious that these people plotted a military coup against the legitimate government of Turkey. Moreover, they also objected to diminish the Gulen Movement. They are Ergenekon in Turkey. How about in the US? Who are they? I mean the ttckers. Are they paid from Turkey? Or are they getting help from their Turkish friends because they seem quite knowledgable about the Turkish dicourse about Mr. Gulen and Gulen inspired schools. Why do they try to create an illusion of such Gulen charter schools?

BTW Who is this mysterious Mary constantly attacking Gulen and the charter schools? In one of her comments, she said that she will not talk about Gulen and the charter schools in a positive manner. May I ask why? Does she adore Bin Ladin instead of Gulen? Does she prefer terrorists like Ladin instead of peace builders like Gulen? Is she really serious?

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  1. She is Tur-Gay :-)
    She exposes a picture of herself in her fake Horizon Parents blog. She appears there as Tur-gay, and spreads false information across the internet about infamously called Gulen charter schools in the US. She is being paid for this fiction writing on Gulen charter schools. But who pays for her? I don't know. What I know is that her job is a piece of cake. She just makes up lies about so-called gulen charter schools and then spread it online claiming that Gulen charter schools are creeping sharia in our schools. Can you imagine that? Someone is being paid just for her promoting such nonsense. Boast a Gulen charter school narrative and be got paid. What a perfect deal. Who is steeling American's money?


Please let me know what you think about Mr. Gulen and the schools labelled as Gulen charters.