Monday, February 28, 2011

Gulen and Children; How About Imaginary Gulen Charter Schools?

See, children love Gulen. Gulen's connection to children is apparently from heart. Gulen is concerned about the future of them. Thus he expressed his ideas on education in various occasions. Yet, Gulen has not opened a charter school in the US. That is why there is no Gulen charter schools by any means. Gulen inspires educators, but does not run any school, e.g. Gulen charter school.


  1. Is it Gulen and children or Gulen and charter?

  2. Hey, just check C. Gatti's recent article how he mixed up every thing about Mr. Gulen and US charter schools. He claims that Gulen charter schools are kind of trojn horses for Islam to get into the country from within. It is not only Islam, bur "radical Islam" he states. It seems impossible for me to put Mr. Gulen and radical Islam on the same picture. Likewise, I cannot understand the logic behind such Gulen charter schools fiction.

  3. Gulen charter schools huh! I will do further search about Gulen and Gulen charter schools.


Please let me know what you think about Mr. Gulen and the schools labelled as Gulen charters.